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silverware [silver ware ]  

Possessions . Products : 21

silver ware
Silvers , eastern pieces of art , brassware
Dear visitor in this electronic site you can choose any piece you wish to have .
You can connect us to realize your wish , our major is in eastern pieces of art. 


Dates Carriers . Products : 16

silver ware
Silvers , eastern pieces of art , brassware , and dates carriers .
This piece of art is made up of copper daubed by silver or gold .
It is used for dates, crackers , sweets , or for other things . It can be manufactured according to demand .


Glassware – Crystal . Products : 25

 silver ware
Glassware encrusted by silvered or gilded copper
It is used for fruits , sweets , and flowers and for other things
Bases made up of copper were established under it to protect it .
 .It can be manufactured according to demand


. Products : 13

silver ware


Dishes - Cups – Lighthouses . Products : 35

silver ware
they are used for fruits and sweets , they have many sizes and kinds
They can be      manufactured according to demands and used or put in hotels , restaurants , homes , and in happy occasions  rooms




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